10 Pieces Effervescent Cleaning Tablets With 40 Litres Washer Fluid

In the market, there are have some vendors provide windshield washer tablets. Why choose us?

  1. Environmentally friendly and no damage to the window
  2. Efficient dissolution and leaves no trace.
  3. Quickly remove oil, dirt, dust.
  4. Soften the cleaner and reduce noise.
  5. Clean the window and safe driving.
  6. Unique bigger tablet ( 5 gram), equal to enough wiper fluid!
  7. 100% satisfaction with the customer service provided.

Effervescent Multi Purpose Cleaning Tablets

How do effervescent cleaning tablets work?

– Highly effective in removing insect splashes, bird droppings, tree sap and road dirt from your windshield.        You can also use it to clean mirrors and any other surface that needs to sparkle and shine!          Safe for all metal, windshields and glass, rubber, plastic and painted surfaces.

– Leaves no traces or reflections for greater visibility and safety. Moreover, it does not contain
fluorescent agents and does not harm clothing and body.  Ecological, biodegradable, phosphate-free,
and fragrance-free formula. Dissolve thoroughly without residue!

– Mixable with antifreeze agent, to improve cleaning performance in winter.        Note: Please note that this is a summer formulation. It will not prevent the water from freezing in your tank.

– This windshield washer tablet will save you a lot of money compared to buying a “classic” washer fluid.
10 Pieces Effervescent Cleaning Tablets, You Will Get 40 Litres Of Wiper Fluid.

– Replace traditional cleaning fluid! The tablet is much more convenient to transport and store compared to conventional cans.

How do you use effervescent cleaning tablets?

1: Dissolve the tablets in a bottle of water and, once dissolved, pour it into the tank and fill with water.

2: Split or grind the tablets, pour them into the windscreen washer reservoir and fill with water.
In a few minutes, they dissolve itself, and that’s it.

The quality is the same as any € 4 or € 5 wiper per 5-litre bottle from the supermarket or similar,
and needless to say, much cheaper!

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Why use a touchless car wash?

Touchless Car Wash vs Hand Wash

A touchless car wash is also known as a chemical car wash, and it uses Sodium, wax to wash a car.
This type of car wash has gained popularity as an excellent eco-friendly alternative to traditional
water-wasting car washes. A contactless car wash could be especially helpful in a drought-stricken region, where water scarcity is a problem.

There are many car wash products on the market, and each product is unique in its active ingredient.
The first type of OPS touchless car wash products contains a chemical such as sodium gluconate,
Isosteareth to break down dirt and clean the car effectively. The product contains natural, organic ingredients
that are biodegradable, oilree, and non-toxic. Another formula is made from carnauba wax and is popular
with car fans who enjoy a product that both cleans and waxes and can make a car shine.

Despite the many types of touchless car cleaning products available, each works effectively the same way
to wash a car. When sprayed in the car, these agents bind with the dirt particles to peel them off
the car’s surface.  Next, rinsed it by high washer pressure from bottom to top.
As a follow-up, a soft towel or microfiber towel can be used to buff away the remaining residue.

Why use touchless car wash

Compared to traditional car washes, these car wash products can save consumers time and conserve water.
The wetting and drying time is eliminated, so the time needed to wash an entire car using OPS exterior
cleaning products can be cut in half. Additionally, most car wash products point out that typical
household car washes use up to 200 liters of water. Besides, a traditional home car wash can also
cause “toxic waste,” because dirty water filled with dirt, grime, and grease can work with the car
and the environment.

Despite these “green-friendly” positive benefits, touchless car wash products still have some skeptics.
Many traditional car wash operators warn of the danger in using chemicals to clean the surface of a car,
which could cause significant damage to the paint. Also, with a wide range of car clean products on the market,
many contain unproven or unknown ingredients. It is recommended that before purchasing any of these products,
consumers should research the active ingredient in each product to ensure that it is safe to use in their
car with minimal impact in the end.

Best Windshield Washer Fluid 2020

For safety reasons, it is crucial to keep the car windshield clean!

OPS windshield washer tablets are a powerful, ecological windscreen wiper concentrate that
guarantees a clear vision. Clean and degrease the front window and dry without leaving streaks or residues.
Each tablet mixed with water before pouring it into the vehicle tank.

These windscreen washer tablets are made in China and are merely revolutionary.
A windshield wiper made in the form of effervescent tablets to deposit directly in the tank
provided for the windshield washer fluid of your vehicle, adding 4.0 – liters of tap or bottled water.
Save significant amounts of money on your windshield wiper fluid. Indeed, the use of one wiper tablets
diluted in tap water replaces up to 4.0 liters of the traditional canister wiper product.
Thanks to its tablet shape and its encapsulation in a small box kept in your glove compartment, pocket.
For example, this effervescent cleaning tablet is ready to use and is very easy to dose.
Forget about the drums that walk through the trunk of your car. The windscreen wiper pads are effective,
ecological, and above all very economical: one box contains ten tablets,
which is equivalent to 40 liters of windshield wiper fluid, and cost only takes 2.15 dollars.

– For: Cheap and effective.
– Feature: Ultra-concentrated, economical.
– Safety: Does not leave sediment. No risk for paints, plastics, and rubbers.
– Water type: Tap water, mineral water, purified water, deionized water. (Not use the groundwater).
– Against: The same model does not work for the whole year.
– Capacity: Unique 5 gram tablet in the market. More concentrated, Powerful cleaning!

One Vision Tabs tablet is enough to produce up to 4L of powerful windshield washer fluid.
The tablets are antifreeze, so your tank will be protected down to 0 degrees Celsius,
allowing you to use this product all year round in almost countries.
For permanent sub-zero temperatures, you can add your regular antifreeze.

Very economical: for less than the price of a barrel, it has saved 3-4 times cost.
Easy to store, you will no longer have to store almost empty drums,
and you can store more liters of windscreen washers in a small space.

Ecological: Biodegradable tablets, without phosphate.
Reduction of CO2 emissions both in transport and in the manufacture of the drum and its recycling.

How to use: You just put a tablet in the washer tank of your vehicle and fill with running water
(the tablets contain a built-in anti-scale treatment). In about 10 minutes, the tablets dissolve entirely
without leaving a residue. It may not be a good idea for frigid climates because you have to put the
antifreeze aside or use the wiper fluid with alcohol ingredients.

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Best Car Interior Cleaner 2020

How to choose the best product for cleaning car interior?

You should know the dirtiest spots in a car’s interior are the locations you touch, meaning the steering
wheel, seat belt, the shifting knob and the driver’s side door panel. The “V” between your legs,
where your Egg McMuffin and coffee winds up, can also be very dirty. Locate these components and
plan to spend a few extra minutes cleaning them.

When you’re cleaning seat belts, only use a neutral, natural detergent.
It will protect the integrity of the belt fabric.

The dashboard and vehicle panels should be wiped with a dampened cloth with water.
To remove grime, use an all-purpose cleaner, diluted with water. As always, use the mildest product possible.

Need to get rid of smells?

OPS works very well, It deodorises as it cleans and leaves a fresh fragrance in the car.

No matter what you’re doing to your car, be gentle. Because of manufacturers’
interest in saving a buck, and the desire to increase the EPA fuel economy, a lot of
manufacturers are using less durable materials. If you use the worse quality product,
may permanently mar or damage your vehicle.

OPS car interior cleaner made from the natural and ecological enzyme,
it can be used for difficult-to-reach areas and provides excellent swift and streak-free cleaning effects.
The cleaner thoroughly and gently removes road dust, insects, nicotine and silicon.
It is suited to all surfaces and offers excellent compatibility with, e.g. paints, rubber, leather,
plastics parts in the vehicle and upholstery.

What to use to clean car seats

How to use the orange enzyme detergent?

Dilute the powder or liquid to spray bottle. Start with an 80:1 water-to-detergent.
Concentration and scrub thoroughly. If that doesn’t work, slowly increase the ratio until you have success.
Spray on a dirty surface, use the lintfree cloth, paper towel, micro-fibre cloth or sponge
distribute evenly over area to be cleaned.


It can use for cleaning the interior of passenger cars, 4wd’s, motorcycles,
marine & commercial vehicles as well as in the home or office.

Product Advantage

Natural and biodegradable.
Save cost, economical to use
Deodorises as it cleans
Removes most dirt & stains

Do you want to create in pristine condition for your vehicles, home or office? Contact us here!

What is a Touchless Car Wash

What is a Touchless Car Wash?

A contactless car wash uses high-pressure washer and chemicals to clean a car without touching it.
The main benefit of this type of car wash is that the paint on the vehicle is not damaged the way
it can be by car washes that use brushes. Not only these car washes offer a quick and easy way to
clean a car, but also they are effective at removing dirt.

When a car enters a carwash, there is no need for any pre-wash and wipe by hand,
prepare car wash shampoo or soap, and directly spray on the car surface from bottom to top.
The cleaning solution is allowed to sit in the car for a while and then washed. After the vehicle is cleaned,
the high-pressure wash is sprayed through the car, dries, and prevents the formation of water spots.

There are many optional features in a contactless car wash that a person can choose to
have applied to their car. Non-contact car washes can clean the landing gear and wheels,
in addition to cleaning the vehicle body. It is also possible to add a layer of wax
through the same system without contact. These options are completed before the car is dry.

Various solutions can be used to clean the car in a non-contact car wash.
The soap used can be scented or colored and is often slightly acidic or alkaloid.
This slight deviation from standard hydrogen parts (pH) helps loosen dirt from the vehicle.
Many contactless car wash stations also offer environmentally friendly solutions.

Many vehicle owners choose to use a contactless car wash because the system protects the car’s paint job.
Also, there are no rollers or mechanical parts that can contact the car and damage the mirrors or antennas.
Also, a contactless car wash can be completed quickly, making it the right choice for a person with
no time to wash the car by hand.

Although contactless car wash stations are a popular choice for vehicle owners,
they don’t tend to leave a car as clean as a traditional car wash.
Because some car wash supplies not taken an excellent neat effect.
OPS touchless car wash powder can make the high-efficiency and powerful clean ability
shampoo, soap, detergent. Will kill the traditional one. More interested? Please contact us here!