Why use touchless car wash?

Secrets of modern car wash

A clean car is a source of pride for both car lovers and professionals.
A bucket and rag, which was used by early drivers, has long since been forgotten.
Today, to maintain the purity of the car, there is an entire different types of washing,
each of which has its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

Contact and Touchless Car wash

Contact washing involves manual work with various devices and includes the following types of work:
(This way must prewash and wipe by hand)

The use of specialized car washers and car shampoos; Rub with a very soft material. During hand washing,
a worker can clean the surfaces with different strengths and rags that may not be of the best quality.
As a result, scratches may appear. Of course, you can also use watering cans and hoses, special washers,
car shampoos, and soft rags to clean. This type of washing is cheap and fast.
Even the most inaccessible places will not ignore. Tire arches, mirror connections, discs, door handles,
and other small things – everything washes perfectly. If a car driver sees any deficiencies after washing,
they can point it out to the washing staff, and everything will fix.

Touchless car wash is done using an individual foam sprinkler (Foam tank + Spray gun or Foam cannon kits)
No need prewash and wipe by hand.

After applying the OPS touchless car wash soap or shampoo to the vehicle and allowing the soap to
soak the dirty car, the car wash applies a high pressure rinse.
When water is sprayed out of high pressure nozzles, the pressure and rinse action cleans the car of
dirt, grime, debris, and remaining soap. The main benefit of this type of car wash is that the paint
on the car is not damaged the way. Although these car washes offer a quick and easy way to clean a car,
they are as effective at removing dirt as car washes that come into direct contact with the car.
Also it was included wax. After finish the cleaning, the car surface will make shiny.
Consequently, Excellent quality work may result.

Automatic car wash

To create an automatic laundering complex, you need serious capital investments.
This type of wash divided into portal and tunnel washes. The human factor is eliminated in both cases,
only the bristle rollers work. The undeniable advantage of this type of washing is the minimum amount
of time spent.

At the same time, shampoo (cleaning fluid) and water supplied to the body of the car.
All automakers are designing and manufacturing vehicles suitable for automatic washing in portals.
The washing portal can be opened almost anywhere. The car sits on a particular platform during the process
so that it can clean not only its body but also its underside and wheels.
The portal is a mobile bed in the shape of an “n”, in which detergents are installed, which, while moving,
produce the car wash. The washing process is fully automatic, and in theory, it can be done without personnel,
as it has done in Europe.

The automatic tunnel car wash type involves the car moving on a conveyor through a washing complex.
The bristle rollers must be of very high quality (therefore they are expensive enough).

There is a type of automatic car wash, which eliminates contact with brushes or rollers.
The water is supplied under enormous pressure, and that pressure removes impurities.
The human factor is completely excluded, allowing savings in detergents, electrical energy,
the fatigue of the person who washes, their possible inexperience and, eventually, subjective perception.

Automatic washing is much faster than manual washing, but there is a downside:
the inability to wash “old” dirt from the body and the failure to reach difficult places.
Another disadvantage is that automatic car washing is expensive.

There are also self-service washes—the driver himself given the right to wash his car without
the help of the staff. At the same time, pay to use shampoo and water.
It usually takes 6 to 15 minutes to wash the car.

In summary, touchless car wash is favourable ways compare as contact car wash by hand and automatic wash.
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