Odor Eliminator Spray

Odor Eliminator Spray

Brief Overview
Odor Eliminator Spray, Multipurpose Odor Remover.
It long time eliminates all existing odor, and freshens
to prevent odor build up. OPS Odor Eliminators get rid of all odors from car urine, pets, cigarette smell, vomit, diaper, garbage, mold mildew, paint, gasoline and etc.

♣ No perfumes or with fragrances.
♣ It works instantly on tough odors.
♣ Simply apply it to the desired area.
♣ 100% natural, biodegradable medical grade product.
♣ Non-toxic formula, safe to use directly on skin.

Powerful Room Deodorizers, Eliminates All Odors?

OPS odor eliminator spray for car or homes, eliminates all odors associate with pet odors, cat urine,
smoke smell, chemical odors, in healthcare applications and much more. Breaks up and removes odors at
the molecular level for easy removal. It seems to just gobble the odor up and take it away.

It's 100ML capacity, easy to carry it in your handbag, workout bag, purse, tote or for travel

odor eliminator for homes

Biodegradable & Natural Odor Eliminator Spray.

Made from extracted natural plant rhizomes. The odor remover is 100% natural and medical grade,
hypoallergenic, non-toxic formula, there is no harsh chemicals. NO bacterial agents and is free of parabens,
phthalates. Therefore it is safe to use on humans or pets.

You can spray it on your bed and floor, in the air, even safely spray your dog as well as yourself!
We recommend this best odor eliminator to anyone who needs to eliminate a variety of odors.

best odor eliminator

natural odor eliminator

Usage: Spray in the air and on surfaces in any room. Leaves no scent behind. Use one time, last for 2 month!

OPS is a professional odor eliminator spray manufacturer and wholesaler, welcome to book the amazing odor remover!


Q:Is there a smell in the bathroom?
A:Yes, the product has two functions of sterilization and deodorization. It can be sprayed in the bathroom to quickly deodorize.

Q:Does this work if sprayed into smelly shoes?
A:Surely, OPS odor eliminator spray works almost anything else.

Q:Can it be used if there are pregnant women and children at home?
A:100% Natural, biodegradable. It's no problem.

Q: Can it be used directly on my dog ?
A: This product also called " Pet Odor Eliminator". There are no harsh chemicals in it, but we would not use it directly on the dog.

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Odor Eliminator Spray Specifications Sheet

Product NameOdor Eliminator Spray
Product Spec.100ML
AppearanceFast eliminate a variety of odors
Guarantee Period 3 Years
MOQ1,000 Bottles
Delivery dateAround Two Weeks.
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