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Effervescent Cleaning Tablets
Best Windshield Washer Fluid

Brief Overview
Concentrated Windshield Washer Tablets for wiper fluid, it can be converted into all-season windshield washer fluid (not used in below 32℉), it has powerful cleaning ability.
one tablet in 4L water will equal to 4L washer fluid. The use of biological enzymes to decompose stains to achieve a clean effect, more environmentally friendly, non-toxic,
no chemical bleach. The effervescent cleaning tablet is your good cleaning partner!

♣ It dissolves quickly, easily to remove dirt from the glass.
1 tablet+4L water= 4L windshield washer fluid!
♣ More efficiency than traditional cleaning agent.
♣ Blue, tiny size, favourable cost and easy for carrying.
♣ Packed bt milk film, color box, alum film, etc.

Why is it important to choose a reliable windshield wiper fluid?

Long term use in the outdoor environment, your car's windscreen is blurred already and with many scratches.
According to the statistics of authority department, in the collision accident, 70% of them are caused by the poor vision of windscreen!
It is easy to aging the windscreen wiper due to exposure in the sunlight and rain every day if the surface is not protected or lubricated,
it is easier to shorten the service life of the adhesive tape and the windscreen would be hard to be cleaned!
Actually, make your own windshield washer fluid is so easy things!

Corrosion by acid rainDamage by high-temperature • Isolation and rampant wind sand • Auto Exhausts
These conditions always caused serious injury to the windscreen wiper.
A poor choice of windshield wiper fluid can cause a layer of dirt or fog drop on the windscreen
which cannot be completely cleaned, resulting in blurred vision.

What harm does it bring

Do you have such a wrong practice?
Instead of washing the car with all season windshield washer fluid, use dishwashing powder, washing powder, etc.?
Or directly wash the car with clean water?

What harm does it bring?
Clog the spray nozzle, Corrode the rubber hose, Harden the windscreen wiper, scrape the windshield surface.

OPS Effervescent Cleaning Tablets, make the best windshield washer fluid.

Seven major advantage and feature of the concentrated windshield washer tablet.

1PC tablet equal to 4L car glass water

Quick and efficient in removing oil film:
Quickly clean the oil film of windscreen without water stain, and could extend the life of windscreen wiper.
Protection for the windscreen wiper:
♦ Long term use of this product can soften the windscreen wiper, thus better attach to the windscreen and to provide longer service life.
Safety and softness:
♦ No scratches or corrosions on the windshield, without corrosion.
Easy to carry:
♦ 1PC washer tablet = 4L wiper fluid, save space in the car.
Necessary for rainy days:
♦ The oil film can not be removed, why not add this product to brush away troubles bring by oil film
High light transmission, clear vision:
♦ The windscreen is clean and traceless, more transparent, let you drive more safely.
Multifunctional and all-in-one use:
♦ Whatever the client use it in any season, windshield washer fluid for winter also has an excellent effect!
But it will adding alcohol to windshield washer fluid

Before clean and after clean

Windshield Washer Tablet Packaging Options

We offer two types of individual packaging for our windshield washer tablets, each with its unique features and benefits.

  1. Kraft Paper Packaging:
    • Customization: Ability to print 1-2 colors, allowing you to add your logo or any specific design you desire.
    • Eco-friendly: Made from recyclable material, making it an environmentally conscious choice.
    • Lead Time: Production and packaging can be completed in approximately 1 week.
    • Cost: This option is more cost-effective compared to aluminum foil packaging.
  2. Aluminum Foil Packaging:
    • Customization: Offers 1-3 color printing, providing a wider range for more complex or detailed designs.
    • Superior Protection: Aluminum offers an excellent barrier against moisture, air, and light, ensuring the tablets remain in optimal condition.
    • Lead Time: This type of packaging requires around 2 weeks for production and packaging.
    • Appearance: Presents a more premium and professional finish.

Minimum Order Quantity

For both packaging options, the minimum order quantity is 25,000 pieces. This allows us to maintain production efficiency and offer you the best possible price.

The choice between kraft paper and aluminum will depend on your specific needs, branding preferences, and budget considerations. Kraft paper is ideal for those looking for a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution, while aluminum is perfect for a more refined presentation and superior protection.

Windshield Washer Tablets Packaging


How to use the windshield washer tablets?

1. Open the lid of the car kettle and fill it with clean water
2. Take out the effervescent tablet and put it in the kettle
3. Turn on the auto cleaning equipment in the car and the cleaning is finished.
You see, homemade windshield washer fluid is easy or difficult working? The answer is a simple task!

How to use the effervescent cleaning tablets

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Effervescent Cleaning Tablets Specifications Sheet

Product NameEffervescent Cleaning Tablets, Windshield Washer Tablet, Washer fluid
Product Spec.5 Gram
AppearanceConcentrated Tablet
Guarantee Period 3 Years
Delivery dateAround Two Weeks.
More Information, Contact Us

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