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Brief Overview
Do you imagine that the car wash is so easy things?
When you drink coffee for a while, the car cleaning works end up! OPS Touchless Car Wash detergent to clean car exterior, high effectively remove the car dirt, road grime, mud, shellac, and etc. If you use our car cleaner exterior, like OPS touchless car wash powders, not only it will saves more water, times. but also you will find the car cleaning is so funny!

♣ Removes Stuck-on insects, Tree Resin droplets.
♣ Clear coat finishes safety.
♣ Suitable for cleaning for all types of vehicles.
♣ Widely used in hand or automatic washing service.

What is touchless car wash? Perfect for cleaing so dirty vehicle??

OPS Concentrated Touchless Car Wash Powder specially prepared for car wash System, , hand Car Wash, automatic car wash.
Which is suitable for cleaning all types of vehicles in automobile cleaning agencies and car service station.
The most advantage of the item is touchless, wipe-free. No need pre-washing and sponge wiping. Save water and cost!
The whole cleaning task is very easy and simple to do. Just spray the touchless car wash shampoo and rinse it by Pressure washer.
Not scratch paint for any vehicle. Also the coating with glossy due to the powder included wax.
Alkalescent materail, PH rate is 8.5, passed SGS, TUV, MSDS, CE certificate. That's why you should choose our car wash supplies!

What is the excellent exterior car cleaning products?

♦ Available in powder, easier and cheaper delivery cost, one bag 500g, can wash around 40cars.
♦ Water saved by more than half. Just use around 30-40 liters water per car, Maximum save water!
♦ Only spray and rinse is well. No need wipe, one person only takes 3 minutes for cleaning one car.
♦ Economical, easy to use and efficiently removes excessive dirt, traffic grime along with other dangerous pollutants.
♦ Low ph car wash products rinse very easily and leave the surface areas shiny and clean.
♦ It leaves the glass perfectly neat and even removes the persistent dirty eyebrows around the car windows.
♦ The car wash detailing supplies protects against ultra purple sun rays and extreme weather, making the vehicle shine new.

How to wash a car with natural cleaning products?

How to make car cleaning products

♥ Dissolve a packet of OPS touch-free concentrated car wash powder into 50kg water having a bucket(dilution ratio 1: 80-120)
♥ Averagely spray the liquid (fan-shaped) to the vehicle surface and four-wheel hubs. Will finish the working around 3o seconds.
♥ Rinse the vehicle fanned out from top to bottom (At least the water pressure keep 60MPA)
♥ After rinsing, immediately dry the vehicle with a drying towel.

You see, it's convenient to hand car wash supplies! Contact us for booking it!

Best car wash supplies for automatic car wash machine working

Automatic car wash supplies

♦ Dissolve a packet of OPS auto car wash products (powder) into 2kg water to get 2.5kg of vehicle wash liquid
(Suggest to make use of tepid to warm water in the winter months with better effect).
♦ After which set the proportioning pump towards the proportions of 4% using the dissolved vehicle wash liquid.
♦ Spray the vehicle wash liquid evenly once the vehicle drives into the Vehicle Wash.
♦ Adjust the vehicle washing machine’s pressure to above 60kg.
♦ After flushing, immediately dry the vehicle having a big towel.
Noted: The actual dilution ratio is 1:125
As well as the car wash powder available for fine cleaning shop (procedure same as an automatic car wash)

What is the application of these car wash powder?


Hand Car Wash • Automatic Car Wash • High-Pressure Cleaners • Car service stations

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Car Wash Supplies Specifications Sheet

Product NameTouchless Car Wash Powder
Product Spec.500g / 1 Bag
PriceUS$2.00-2.50 500g / Bag (FOB Ningbo/Shanghai)
Guarantee Period3-5 Years
MOQ1 MT (2000 bags)
Delivery dateAround 15 days.
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