Degradable Effervescent Cleaning Tablets ( 1 PC=4L Windshield Washer Fluid)

Use the Reliable Windshield Washer Fluid and Stay Safe!

The premium Windshield Washer Fluid can make the difference between life and death.
Many people overlook the importance of using an all-season Windshield Washer Fluid
that gets the job done. If you can’t see through the windows in your car,
there are probably going to be problems.

Here at OPS, we have formulated an all-season Windshield Washer Fluid that comes in the form of
Effervescent Cleaning Tablets. Instead of having to go to the auto supply store and lug around
a big jug of liquid, all you have to do is buy our windshield washer tablets, and keep a few in your glove compartment!

You might be wondering why more companies aren’t offering this kind of amazing concentrated
cleaning tablets. The answer is simple, there is a lot of money to be made in selling
people expensive water.


Effervescent Washer Tablets

These windshield washer tablets are Your Best Bet 

The open road is a rough environment for your car’s glass. It is common to think that all wiper fluid
is the same, but it isn’t. Ops makes cleaning tablets that anyone can afford because we want the roads
to be as safe as possible.

We know that some people use the cheapest windshield washing fluid available, and we have a much better
alternative. Instead of using dodgy wiper fluid, or just plain old water, get some of our washer tablets.

The reason why you should use our product is simple: here at Ops,
We deliver the best products at ultra-low prices.

Cut the Grime and Get Home Safe!

There are so many environmental factors that will impede your visibility when driving. Worse yet,
grease and grime can build up over time on your windshield. Cheap windshield washing fluid or water
won’t do anything the clear up a very dangerous visual obstruction.

All you have to do is drop one of our Windshield Washer Tablets into four liters of water,
and you will have some of the Best Windshield Washer Fluid there is. Not only does it deliver industry-leading performance, but it is also 100% chemical bleach-free. Don’t take chances with your safety,
and buy these from OPS now!

You will thank yourself for using some of the all-season Windshield Washer Fluid there is,
and you will be saving money too! More information, please contact us!

The Best Interior Car Cleaner Products

Make Your Car Interior Fresh With OPS Car Interior Cleaning Products

Keeping the interior of a car fresh and clean smelling can really be a chore.
There are a lot of Car Interior Cleaning Products out there, but we think our OPS
Orange enzyme detergent is the Best product for cleaning car interiors.

You might think we are biased, but here at OPS, we develop products that we want to use ourselves!

Opskar Orange enzyme detergent is the Best product for cleaning car interiors,
but it also doubles as a Household cleaning agent. When you clean your car’s interior,
you want to get the job done right the first time. It can also take a while to get all the surfaces clean,
and many cleaning products only work on a single kind of surface.

Making OPS Orange Enzyme Detergent is Our Passion

Let’s be honest, no one wants to ride around in a car that smells bad. No matter what you do,
those nasty odors just seem to come out of nowhere. We want everyone on planet earth to ride in cars
that smell amazing, and OPS Orange enzyme detergent is the Best product for cleaning car interiors.

Instead of selling our OPS Orange enzyme detergent in tiny packages that cost an arm and a leg,
We sell it in a massive 500 gram tub. A half-kilo might not seem like a lot of weight,
but it only takes six grams of Opskar Orange enzyme detergent to make 500ml of high-powered cleaning solution.

We want people to clean their car interiors, and enjoy the investment they have made in an automobile.
Our Car Interior Cleaning Products have been custom formulated to be safe to use on most surfaces
in car interiors, and so much more!

Effect comparison before and after use
Effect comparison before and after trial

Don’t Waste Time With Multiple Cleaners

Take a look at the cleaning closet in your house. If there are loads of bottles in there,
it is time to start using Opskar Orange enzyme detergent. Not only does Opskar Orange enzyme detergent
make the Best product for cleaning car interiors, you can use as a powerful Household cleaning agent.

We know that your kids and pets come first, so we designed Opskar Orange enzyme detergent to be safe
to use in areas where children might be playing!

There is no substitute for the right cleaning agent. We are proud to bring you a product that will
replace numerous other cleaners, and allow you to keep your home and car in an amazing state of
fresh smelling cleanliness.

Amazing All Purpose Effervescent Cleaning Tablets

Best Multi-purpose household cleaner in 2019

One of the least appreciated tasks at home is to keep the house clean. We all look for products that reduce
the effort to the maximum, be yielding, give good results and prolong the effectiveness of cleaning the home
as long as possible.

The most common difficulty with which we find when choosing a cleaning product for the home is the ability
of it to adapt to different surfaces and cleaning needs of the floor, countertops, bathrooms, kitchens,
furniture, windows, etc. ., without losing any of the elements mentioned above.

From our point of view, the best option is to use a multipurpose cleaning product that covers,
as far as possible, all our cleaning needs in the home. Also, it is efficient and economical to have a
single product that suits most environments.

effervescent spray cleaner

To choose the multipurpose cleaning product appropriate to our circumstances,
the aspects that must consider are the following:

Format: Most household products are presented in a spray container, but they also come in powder or
effervescent tablets to dissolve. In the latter case, we can choose to use them with distilled water,
which makes the rinsing process more natural and reduces or eliminates lime residues from the surfaces.

Antibacterial capacity: It is not possible to distinguish the presence of bacteria in the home with
the naked eye, so it is essential to consider the ability of the multipurpose product to eliminate
bacteria, to achieve the maximum possible hygiene.

Friendly to the environment: Multi-purpose household cleaning products often contain pollutants and
chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, petroleum distillates or phosphates, among other toxic components,
that do not dissolve easily when disposed of once used.
For this reason, there are products on the market that do not contain any of these toxic components.

Hypoallergic: If people with sensitivity to chemical products live in our home, we must pay particular
attention to the labeling of the multipurpose cleaner that we are going to buy and that it indicated
that it is hypoallergenic.

Disinfection capacity: Some versatile cleaning products focus on removing dirt,
but they are not disinfectants. An excellent multipurpose cleaning product must be able to clean
and disinfect, to achieve the highest possible cleanliness in our home.

Ease of use: Although as mentioned above, most household cleaning products come in spray,
it is possible that the mechanism of the same is not easy to use.
For this reason, it is convenient to try it before buying. Those that are presented in
effervescent tablets to dissolve in liquid allows us to use a sprayer that we already have at home
and that we find comfortable to use.

Appropriate to clean car windows: The dirt in the windows of the cars is the element that can most
affect our security. It is convenient to clean them regularly, and if we can use a multi-purpose
cleaning product that we already have at home, this task is more relaxed and more comfortable for us.

Our selection of multi-purpose household cleaning products is as follows:

Better Life – sprayer
Puracy – sprayer
OPS multipurpose – effervescent tablets

And last, but not least, the more often we clean, the easier it will be to perform the task of
disinfection and cleaning the home.

Homemade Windshield Washer Fluid

Choose The Right Windshield Washer Fluid Is Important

Keeping the car’s windshield clean is essential for our safety behind the wheel.
Besides, we must pay close attention to the product we choose, because if we make a worse decision,
the final result may not only not be to our liking, but may also cause unwanted reflections
on the windshield or reduce the visibility of the same.

It’s vitally important because 90% of the information we receive about the state of the traffic
is through sight. Likewise, the correct cleaning of the car’s windshield in places with extreme
weather is also critical. An example of this is that most road accidents occur at night,
where windshield cleaning is the key to having the best possible visibility, or when the weather is not good.

When Choosing The Best Windshield Wiper Product For Our Circumstances:

First of all, if we live in a region with constant weather changes or adverse weather,
we must choose different products for summer and winter, to ensure the best possible visibility
in each circumstance. However, nowadays, it is also possible to find windshield cleaning products
on the market, which can be used indistinctly in any season of the year.

Effervescent Washer Tablets


















Consider the unique anti-fog characteristics, self-drying and whether or not water repels. There are products on the market of windshield cleaning that minimize the possibility of fogging in the glass,
which is very convenient if we use extreme heating in winter, or air conditioning in summer.
The ability to dry quickly is another aspect to consider that will have more or less importance
depending on the time we have to perform the task of cleaning the windshield and the quality of
the water where we live. And finally, the ability to partially repel water from a windshield cleaning product can be advantageous if we live in an unusually rainy area,
to maintain the best possible visibility.

Friendly to the environment: Some products do not contain chemical bleach and use biological enzymes
to break down the stains, resulting in very low or no toxicity, like our effervescent cleaning tablets.

The quality of the cleaning finish: It is also important to consider the finish that can achieve with
the chosen product. We must be careful not to leave traces of product on the windshield, stains, scratches,
or even marks of stains or insects, which could significantly hinder visibility in driving.

As for our selection, here we present the Best Windshield Washer Fluid on the market:

OPS – Effervescent Cleaning Tablets
Product Consists – Solid (Tablet)
Instant Windshield Washer – Effervescent tablets
CAF SQD5 – Dust to dissolve

Regardless of the product chosen to keep the windshield clean, it is always worth remembering that
the continuous cleaning of the windscreen is essential for our safety and that of other passengers
when we travel by car.

Low Ph Car Wash Products In OPS

Best Product To Wash Car Exterior

We all like to have a clean and shiny car, but sometimes we do not have time to take it to a washing station,
or we do not have it on the way, or we forget it. What is certain is that sometimes we doubt both the method
to be used to wash the car, and the aspects to take into account when choosing the cleaning product.

Regarding the method of washing cars, all have their advantages and disadvantages:

Washing tunnel: It is the fastest and most popular to wash the car, but it has the problem
that the rollers can damage the body.

Pressurised hose: They avoid damage to the bodywork, but it means that we have to do the car cleaning work ourselves and leave a lot to desired.

Cleaning by hand: It is the one that offers the best results in washing the car,
although it is the most expensive regarding time and effort.

Dry cleaning: It is the least known of all the methods to clean the car.
It requires particular cleaning products, most expensive, but on the other hand,
water consumption is lower and more efficient, and the quality of the result is impressive.

Below, we list the aspects to take into account when choosing a good product to wash our car
and leave it impeccable:

Ease of use: From our point of view, a product that requires the least effort on
our part and with which a result of professional cleaning achieved, is one of the most important aspects
to consider. For example, in the market, there are products to wash cars that do not need pre-washing
and that in maximum 5 minutes, the cleaning process can complete.

Economic: This aspect will have more or less importance, depending on our budget.
However, it is important to remember that you should not only consider the price of the product,
but also the cost of the water needed to wash the car and the time of the person performing the process.
For this reason, the first aspect that we have mentioned remains of greater relevance.

Effectiveness: Not only the ease of use and the budget is essential, but the result of the cleaning of the car is excellent, and we leave the vehicle bright, clean, without drops of lime,
and protect it from the sun’s rays in case live in an area where there can be extreme exposure to the sun.

Presentation format: We must also consider whether the product comes in the form of liquid
soap or powder. The choice will depend on our personal preferences. In our case, we suggest the powder
presentation,because although you need the previous step of dissolving the powder in a little water,
in the end, the rinsing process is much simpler and simpler.

Friendly to the environment: To help protect our environment, we must also consider
the PH level of the product, always choosing the lowest PH. That’s why we should choose the
best product to wash car exterior! Not only save cost and times, but also it will maximum save water!

Low Ph Car Wash Products

Our selection of best car wash products, based on the ratings of two critical online platforms, is as follows:

-Mr. Strong – Premium Washing Powder
-OPS Car Washing Powder
-Veve Washing Powder
-Sam’s STTP Extra Forcing Multi-Action
-Oxy Stain Remover Powder

In any case, regardless of the method or product is chosen, it is always advisable to clean the car often,
as it is easier to achieve better results if the dirt does not accumulate.