The Complete Guide To Touchless Car Wash

Touchless car washes are not just faster, but they also do a better job than hand washing. All you have to do is drive up and the washer does the rest! This article will detail introduce the complete guide to touch-free car wash and how it disrupts the Auto Industry:

What Does Touchless car wash mean?

It is considered as one of the most innovative ways of maintaining car hygiene.

Touchless car wash also known as “touch-free wash” or “self-service car wash”. You don’t have to touch anything except the floor with your feet.
It is considered as one of the most innovative ways of maintaining car hygiene.

Touchless car wash is a car wash that uses high-pressure water and soap to clean vehicles. It’s a simple, yet innovative idea that has taken the car industry by storm. It is a carwash that does not require any physical contact with the vehicle. The system works by using a foam tank or foam cannon, which sprays soap and water onto the vehicle’s surface. This allows for a thorough cleaning of the entire exterior of the vehicle with minimal contact from human hands.

Touch-free car wash,

Why Use Touchless Car Wash?

Car washes are an important part of maintenance for your vehicle, but they can also be a hassle. Touchless car wash is an option that not many people know about yet. Touchless car wash uses high-pressure “no touch” washing technology, so it’s faster and much less labor-intensive.
It’s much easier to maintain the cleanliness of the equipment when there are no brushes in contact with the car body. The best part?
This system is more economical than traditional hand-washed methods because it uses substantially less water and detergent.

These are usually installed at gas stations, carwash station for convenience. However, some people have them installed in their garage or driveway.

Why should you use this?

  1. Well, it does not create any mess or disturbance that can happen with traditional car wash which involves manual labor of scrubbing the exterior with brushes.
  2. Quickly get rid of dirt or debris that isn’t visible to the naked eye.
  3. There are no brushes or sponges used in the process,
  4. Saves time: A typical car wash averagely takes 3-5 minutes.
  5. Reduce the amount of water, and energy used in washing your car.
  6. It also reduces the need for soap, which not only saves money but also helps conserve natural resources.
  7. Lower pH rate, never take any harmful for car painting.
  8. This included wax ingredient, when you finish cleaning, will make your car’s surface shine.

How Touchless Car Wash Works?

The touchless car wash is set up to be a hands-free experience for the customer. With contactless car wash, you do not have to go through the trouble of the process of cleaning the car manually. The user simply brings the vehicle into the touchless car wash bay, parks, and leaves it to get washed.

  1. No need to pre-wash and wipe the used sponge by hand.
  2. Directly spray the surface with soap by foam tank or foam cannon- hand car wash or automatic wash.
  3. Pay more attention: The better to spray liquid from bottom to top.
  4. When you finish the spray works, then rinse it with a high-pressure washer. The most important thing is that the water pressure is at least 6MPA. Otherwise, it will be difficult to flush all of the dirt and debris from the vehicle.
  5. Drying the cars with a towel

The whole clean process only takes 3-5 minutes. You see, only drink a cup of coffee times!

How To Use Touchless Car Wash

How To Use Touchless Car Wash?

There are a lot of car washes that use touchless car washing, but not all of them will offer the same quality. And it’s important to learn how to use a touchless car wash for it to be effective, and also keep the vehicle safe.

Several factors need to be taken into consideration when using this type of car wash. If the vehicle is too muddy (covered many muds after rainy), it can’t do the perfect cleaning effect. Unless use the strong alkaline ingredient, but it will hurt car paint. So the touchless car wash is available for 90% different car status.

  1. Foam tank use:

For example- use OPS touchless car wash powder or shampoo, follow 500 gram powder + 40 litre water diluting. Then averagely spray the soap on the car surface, rinse it by high pressure washer (keep the enough water pressure).

  1. Foam cannon use:

Such as- Use concentrated shampoo, 1:5-1:8 diluted with water. Normally 1 litre foam cannon could wash 4-6 cars. The next step same as foam tank operating.

How Much Does Touchless Car Wash Cost?

In the market, mostly selling shampoo or soap. After searching on Amazon, the average price for a gallon of foaming car wash soap is US$25.00.
It’s a big profit! Need to reduce purchasing cost? Check it below:

OPS touch-free shampoo- Only spend ½ cost, 1 gallon around US$9.00-12.00

But use OPS touch-free powder (making shampoo raw material)- Just take US$5.00.

And DIY Make the carwash shampoo is much easy work.

DIY Make Touchless Car Wash Powder

What Is The Best Touchless Car Wash?

We want to get into a new car, but we also want to take care of it. For many people, the best way to keep their cars clean is taking them to a touchless car wash. These are becoming more prevalent as they are an efficient way to keep your car looking good inside and out. They are also safer than traditional car washes because you don’t need to touch anything. With that in mind, it’s important to know which touchless system is the best for your needs.

The best touchless car wash is considered to be one that does not leave streaks or residue on the surface of your vehicle.

What Is The Best Touchless Car Wash


Will Touchless Car wash damage paint or Safe For Ceramic Coating?

They do not damage either vehicle paint or exterior features and others

Is Touchless Car Wash Good For Your Car?

It’s a new and improved way of washing your car. It has been around for a few years now, but it is only now that we are starting to see more and more companies adopting it as their preferred method of washing cars. Quickly remove the dirt from the bodywork, grills, and wheels. When you use the right car wash, your car will have a good shine.

Touchless Car Wash For Home Use?

The days of manually washing your car are over. There is a touchless car wash for home use that has been invented and is perfect for those who just don’t know how to do it.

  • The first and most important benefit for home use is that it will save you time. If you live in an apartment or condominium where you don’t have access to a high-quality, reliable, and well-stocked office or garage, then it can take hours to take your car in and out of the car wash.
  • The second benefit is that it will save you money. The average person spends about $500 per year on gas and oil changes alone, not to mention the cost of getting repairs done if they happen. A touchless car wash for home use will help reduce your fuel consumption and improve the longevity of your engine by eliminating all the dirt and grime.

Anyway, remember that prepare for high pressure washer!