Best Windshield Washer Fluid 2020

For safety reasons, it is crucial to keep the car windshield clean!

OPS windshield washer tablets are a powerful, ecological windscreen wiper concentrate that
guarantees a clear vision. Clean and degrease the front window and dry without leaving streaks or residues.
Each tablet mixed with water before pouring it into the vehicle tank.

These windscreen washer tablets are made in China and are merely revolutionary.
A windshield wiper made in the form of effervescent tablets to deposit directly in the tank
provided for the windshield washer fluid of your vehicle, adding 4.0 – liters of tap or bottled water.
Save significant amounts of money on your windshield wiper fluid. Indeed, the use of one wiper tablets
diluted in tap water replaces up to 4.0 liters of the traditional canister wiper product.
Thanks to its tablet shape and its encapsulation in a small box kept in your glove compartment, pocket.
For example, this effervescent cleaning tablet is ready to use and is very easy to dose.
Forget about the drums that walk through the trunk of your car. The windscreen wiper pads are effective,
ecological, and above all very economical: one box contains ten tablets,
which is equivalent to 40 liters of windshield wiper fluid, and cost only takes 2.15 dollars.

– For: Cheap and effective.
– Feature: Ultra-concentrated, economical.
– Safety: Does not leave sediment. No risk for paints, plastics, and rubbers.
– Water type: Tap water, mineral water, purified water, deionized water. (Not use the groundwater).
– Against: The same model does not work for the whole year.
– Capacity: Unique 5 gram tablet in the market. More concentrated, Powerful cleaning!

One Vision Tabs tablet is enough to produce up to 4L of powerful windshield washer fluid.
The tablets are antifreeze, so your tank will be protected down to 0 degrees Celsius,
allowing you to use this product all year round in almost countries.
For permanent sub-zero temperatures, you can add your regular antifreeze.

Very economical: for less than the price of a barrel, it has saved 3-4 times cost.
Easy to store, you will no longer have to store almost empty drums,
and you can store more liters of windscreen washers in a small space.

Ecological: Biodegradable tablets, without phosphate.
Reduction of CO2 emissions both in transport and in the manufacture of the drum and its recycling.

How to use: You just put a tablet in the washer tank of your vehicle and fill with running water
(the tablets contain a built-in anti-scale treatment). In about 10 minutes, the tablets dissolve entirely
without leaving a residue. It may not be a good idea for frigid climates because you have to put the
antifreeze aside or use the wiper fluid with alcohol ingredients.

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