Hand Sanitizer Gel

Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel

Brief Overview
OPS washless hand disinfection gel instant skin cleaning, soft, lasting protection. Use the products throughout the day to help protect against the spread of germs. Whether you're at home or on the job, our gentle formula is by your side wherever you need it most.

♣ Antibacterial hand gel will keep your hands clean.
♣ Gentle and non-irritating, gentle disinfection.
♣ No washing, quick-drying, easy to use.
♣ Gel texture, you can easily control the amount.

OPS Instant Disinfection Gel Effectiveness

Made with ethanol to improve skin health and hygiene, contains moisturizers and rich in aloe essence, mildly scented.
Gentle ingredients safe for frequent use. As per WHO/CDC effectivess rating. Instantly kills 99.99% of germs without water
and bacteria on the skin that could cause disease and stop some viruses. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers can quickly
reduce the number of microbes on hands. This cleaner formula prevents the spread of unclean things to maintain
your family's health.

50ML,100ML, 500ML Sanitizer Gel

Non-sticky Formula

Keep clean hands and health for kids, and it does not hurt the skin, has water-holding and moisturizing function.

Kills 99.99% of Harmful Germs

Wholesale Sanitizer Gel From Different Model

We provided 50ML, 80ML, 100ML, 500ML Items.

50ML,80ML Sanitizer Gel

100ML Sanitizer Gel500ML Sanitizer Gel

How To Use The Hand Sanitizer?

Take an appropriate amount of the product to moisten your hands and rub for 20 to 30 seconds until the liquid
covers your hands, wait for drying, and do not wash with water.

Widely application

Use it at your office, home, in your car, school, or anywhere else you need to clean your hands quickly.

Antibacterial Gel Package

Antibacterial Gel Packing

Pay More Attention

Please note that this technique is not appropriate when hands are visibly dirty or after using the toilet.
In these cases, hand washing required.

This product is for external use. Please do not take it internally. Use with caution to people who are allergic to alcohol.
Please keep it out of reach of children.

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Hand Sanitizer Gel Specifications Sheet

Product NameInstant Hand Disinfection Gel
Product Spec.100ML, 500ML
IngredientWater, Aloe extractions, Humectant, etc.
Guarantee Period 3 Years
MOQ 100ML- 5,000 Bottles,500ML-2,500 Bottles
Delivery dateAround One Weeks.
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