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Brief Overview
OPS Hand sanitizer wipes with alcohol or alcohol-free (benzalkonium chloride), One hundred pieces are cleaning wipes in one package. Never worry about dirty hands again. It’s perfect for staying fresh on the go, and the advanced formula effectively cleans your hands. Wipe down whatever surface you'd like to clean.

♣ Contains Moisturizing Aloe and Vitamin E.
♣ Instant cleans and sanitizes hand.
♣ Safe to use before eating and drinking.
♣ Quick drying, leaving no sticky residue.
♣ Return to School Resume Work.

OPS Hand Sanitizer Wipes For Hands

Antibacterial disinfecting wipes that come in a complete package of 100 units. This product is ideal,
since they are really practical wipes both to clean your hands and to keep office or work materials in optimal conditions.
99% harmful gems have been killed and somewhat removed. It is certainly an efficient option if you are looking for
professional quality wipes at a great price. OPS provide 70-75% Alcohol sanitizing hand wipes also benzalkonium chloride wipes
(without included alochol).

Are Hand Sanitizer Wipes effective For Covid-19?

Do you want to find the best antibacterial hand wipe currently available on the market?
You have probably noticed that there are so many products that it is difficult to simply select some wipes.
Here are some points to keep in mind when choosing disinfecting wipes.

Whether you want them for when you are traveling or hiking or away from home and you cannot clean your hands
with soap and water or for different jobs that need optimal hygiene conditions both in the material
(medical instruments, restaurant kitchens etc.) As with the staff, disinfectant wipes are without a doubt the best option.

These wipes are especially practical to eliminate all kinds of microorganisms from the hands or this type of objects.
When selecting the best hand cleaning wipes, the first thing to consider is how long it takes for the wipe to disinfect
and also the hands or the object to dry. We always recommend selecting wipes that act quickly and will evaporate very quickly.

It can also be interesting to know how much disinfectant the wipe has and what capabilities the included product or compound has.

But without a doubt, the most important thing is to check the chemicals contained in the wipe, especially if it is going to be
used on the hands. It is best not to use wipes that have many compounds and always choose the most natural ones possible,
although this means giving up wipes that smell great because they include perfume.

The texture of the wipe can also be taken into account, because it will be interesting that it is resistant and does not leave fibers
or residues. It is undoubtedly a simple way to clean ourselves and to clean some of our personal or instrumental objects
when soap and water or other disinfectant products are not available, but they should not be used very regularly as a natural
cleaning method, since they can end up damaging the most sensitive skins if you select wipes that have many chemicals.
Also, resistance can be created and these wipes will no longer be effective in fighting certain pathogens.
Therefore we recommend its moderate use and. Whenever possible, the selection of the most natural wipes possible.

Active ingredient: Ethyl Alcohol, Deionized Water, and others.

For External Use Only
Harmful if swallowed.
Do not use as baby wipes.
Do not flush down the Toliet.
Highly Flammable. Keep away from fire or flame.
Do not eat or drink when handling.

Do Not Use:
Hazard To Humans And Domestic Animales.

Lift the tab on the top of the lid to open.
Open moisture seal film package before use
Pull out first wipe through the dispensing center of the canister.
Close the lid to retain moisture
WIpe clean with this product. Let air dry.

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Hand Sanitizer Wipes Sheet

Product NameAntibacterial Hand Wipes
Product Spec.100 Pieces Wipes Inside
IngredientEthyl Alcohol or benzalkonium chloride, Deionized Water.
StorageStore in a well-ventilated and cool dry area
MOQ 5,000 Bottles
Delivery dateAround One Weeks.
More Information, Contact Us

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